1. How to read an e-book?

You need to download an e-reader app onto your phone, computer or tablet or have a dedicated physical e-reader device like a Kindle or a Nook.  We recommend you download an e-reader app before you buy a book from us.

2. Which e-reader app should I download?

There are many free e-readers to choose from depending on your device:

  • bluefirereader.com, DL Reader, Cool Reader are all available on Android and Windows devices to download and read the epub files we supply. You can find these apps on Google Play, the Apple App Store, etc.  A recommended BlackBerry e-reader is Overdrive which you can find on BlackBerry World.
  • For those who just want to read on their computer or laptop, we recommend downloading Adobe Digital Editions
  • For Apple users (Macs, iPhones, iPads), the iBooks app usually comes pre-installed and opens epub files. If your Macbook does not have iBooks, a simple e-reader is Kitabu
  • If you wish to use the Kindle app, you'll need to use the mobi file format (which we also give you) and once downloaded, move the file to your Kindle folder
    3. Downloading our e-books

    For more information on how to download and read our e-books, we’ve created a simple 8-step guide.